We are a creative agency for interactive brand experiences in space.

We believe in the digital transformation in many parts of life and know about the significance of the integration of digital channels in the physical space – the communication via linked screens in all sizes.

ON and OFF are no longer viewed seperately, by now we are expecting offline the same experience as in the internet … … just better. We create innovative experience through the fusion of familiar digital functions and services with the haptic and tactile experience of a real environment.

From web to interaction in space

From a shop to a walk-in website

In the past 10 years we experienced the ‘shopification’ of the web – in the next 10 years we are expecting the ‘webification’ of the shops! The product will be standing less in the foreground, but in fact the ‘experience’ will be the distinctive feature and element for the customer retention.

Since more than 15 years we implement digital brand experience and offer the whole set of business activities. From strategical approach to technical implementation and long-term support of interactive applications and installations. 
Idea / concept
Technical conception
Implementation and integration
Operation and further development


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