Gender & Facial Identification
Intelligent Video Analysis

PeopleStats: Face Analysis for Demographics,
Targeted Advertisement, Interaction, etc.

Facial Recognition Technology

The technology analyzes faces and provides exact to-the-minute statistics about the number of visitors as well as their distribution in gender and age.

The software operates using real time video images, so neither individual face characteristics nor video material needs to be recorded.

In this way, the technology offers a lot of new possibilities for performing marketing strategies in a more efficient way.

Gender Software Reporting

More realistic observation in case of marketing studies
  • Elimination of falsifying factors such as counting personnel
  • Computer-assisted evaluation
  • No capturing of personal data
  • Possibility to combine with additional measured data automatically
Direct and Dynamic Adaptation of Advertisement to viewers
  • Automated display of optimal advertisement content
  • More effective performance of marketing
  • Optimized organization of advertising measures
  • Software is very easy to integrate into existing systems
Easier performed customer structure analysis to optimize
  • Workforce management
  • Placement of products
  • Effectiveness and attractiveness of advertising measures
  • Creation of impact analyses of the advertising measures

Easy Configuration

The user has the possibility to view captured and cumulated data via the web interface from any place, including via mobile. All that is needed is a common web browser on a PC, laptop or web-enabled mobile device.
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