About Us

Britag offers our customers and partners the critical intellectual products they are seeking and create unique opportunities for their businesses.

Our Retail Division markets customized solutions in the likes of People Counting Solutions, Facial Recognition Solutions, Shelf Display Solutions, Electronics Shelf Labels, Geo Locations, and EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Systems , for existing and future markets. Into this rapidly growing high-tech market, we bring all our experience in this business sector.

Access to a fully integrated end-to-end multi-channel retail management system capable of creating a competitive advantage was only affordable to large retailers.
Small to medium-sized retailers simply didn’t have the technical know-how or financial resources to integrate such a system.
Britag has closed this gap.


Our goal is to take up a technologically leading position by means of unique and innovative retail solutions as well as by our know-how in the area of integration. We strive to be one of the leading integrator of Retail Solutions Provider dedicated towards fulfilling customer needs with professionalism and integrity.


Ours is a customer-centric organization – our services will be determined by the specific needs of our customers. We will stay focused and will, at all times, be at the forefront of technology in the services and solutions we offer. We will grow rapidly within the Asian region through strategic alliances and joint ventures with local partners who share our vision and values and whose strengths and local knowledge we can leverage on. We will strive to be a leading regional player in years to come.


We will operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines. At all times, we will remain focused on the needs, expectations and interest of our clients. Gaining their trust, confidence and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are firm believers in long-term relationships that are founded on the principle of win-win. Hence we will forge strong ties with our vendors, partners and customers. We will remain at the forefront of leading edge technology so that we will be in a unique position to bring about maximum benefits of technological advances to our clients.