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About Britag

Britag Pte Ltd is the appointed Master Distributor of Prodco Analytics. Prodco offers retail performance solution which delivers real-time analytics and shopper behavior insights, allowing retailers to accurately and effectively measure customer traffic patterns. Accurate traffic information gives management and operations professionals a timely, valuable tool to maximize profitability and improve productivity. We provide information such as actual shopper counts (real time and period based) and entrance/exit patterns of your patrons. When combined with sales data, management can compute and monitor promotion effectiveness, determine store conversion ratios, optimize staffing, and objectively evaluate and compare store/chain performance.

About Prodco Analytics

Prodco Analytics delivers a comprehensive analysis platform that highlights where opportunities for improvement exist and helps your stores reach their real performance potential. The retail performance solution delivers a deeper understanding of shopper behavior with real-time analytics at all levels of the operations and marketing team.

Established in 1997, Prodco continues to be a global leader in retail shopper measurement and behavior. Prodco Analytics partners with leading retail organizations to help measure in-store opportunities, align sales staff to optimize service levels, and benchmark their performance against segment specific consumer traffic trends.

How It Works

State-of-The-Art People Counting & Tracking Technology

You are a retail analytics provider and you are looking for a flexible people counting and tracking hardware platform that can manage all area coverage and mounting height requirements in a single product portfolio? It needs to be easy to integrate, plug-n-play and future-proof? You are a retailer looking for the most accurate and yet nice looking people counting device? The PC-Series sensor platform is what you are looking for.
3D Sensors

The unique PC series portfolio includes a total of 9 sensor types to match every possible area/height requirement and provides a variety of accessories and housing types to fit all architectural needs.

Multisensor Technology

A number of sensors with overlapping viewing ranges can be combined for the seamless coverage of larger areas. People can be tracked through the entire area, such as all applications based upon the tracking are not limited to the viewing range of a single sensor.

Easy Installation

Power and data provided via a single CAT5 cable run.

Swiss Made Quality

It’s a promise of Swiss Made Quality includes long-life hardware quality, unmatched tracking and counting accuracy as well as highest environmental robustness and ease of use. A sophisticated data privacy concept with four different data privacy modes ensures a broad field of applications.

Easy Management

Device manager allows you to configure and monitor all devices in the field from a single interface.

Low Network Bandwidth Requirements

All processing is performed on-board the device. No need for on-site servers and video-streaming.

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