World’s First Shelf-Edge Video Strip –

The Intelligent Digital Shelf Labeling Solution

Britag Pte Ltd being appointed as Exclusive Distributors For Shelf Vision Display in the Region of South East Asia and Middle Eastern Countries (including MENA, Middle East and North Africa).

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About Britag

Britag Pte Ltd, aims to create a much higher level of brand awareness solutions among the retailers by revolutionizing the way product information is presented in store. The shelf labels contain an LCD module capable of displaying price, product information and high-definition video in various formats. With this capability, retailers and consumer packaged food (CPG) manufacturers can capture the attention of shoppers by playing attention-grabbing advertisements and animations as they look for products on store shelves.


SHELFVISION is a modular shelf-edge display strip system with brilliant colorful Mini LCDs for flexible arrangements. With SHELFVISION screens, advertising and product information can be placed directly on merchandising shelves or integrated in display stands like never before.

How It Works

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Enhanced Customer Experience For POS

Up to 85% of all shoppers decisions are made directly at the POP.
Increase Sales

Retailers will benefit from sales uplift, lower operating cost and increased advertising revenue.

Raised Brand Awareness

Product manufacturers increase interest in new product promotions, raise brand awareness, get higher differentiation by providing more detailed product information.

Better Decision

Consumers learn more about products for a better decision guidance.

Easy Content Management

Bringing content has never been so easy as SHELFVISION supports HTML5, Video, Image and etc. Content can be updated in real time and with any digital signage software content management system or via Browser and for the USB stand-alone SHELFVISION version (MediaPlayer) with a USB Stick.

Flexible Installation

Shelfvision mini display arrays can works horizontally or vertically (elevators etc.)

Multiple Interface Options

All Shelfvision 2nd generation smart digital shelf-edge advertising display strips are available in 4 Interface variations.

SHELFVISION™ Interface Options

External/Additional Monitor Solutions

PC/Mediaplayer required. Available in HDMI or USB port.

Wireless Monitor Solution

Customer Router or Hostspot, required. Run with smartphone, tablet or PC in your network. Install a third-party CMS or App.

Stand-Alone Multimedia Player

Upload content or movie files manually via USB stick. No PC required. SHELFVISION works like a complete Multimedia Player.

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