Digital Signage

The emotional power of digital experiences

The emotional power of digital experiences

We transform the world of retail by creating unique digital experiences that connect brands with our customers

Brands are embracing their digital identity as an essential part of who they are and as an opportunity to increase engagement with consumers by making previously static content dynamic and creating interactive communication systems. The bright side of the future is now

The future is a dynamic, new space dedicated to states of mind. It adapts to emotions to enrich everyday life, and is transmitted through an innovative and immersive digital visual identity.

Partnering with Unicross Data Service Co., Ltd., with sales centre in Shanghai and branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Los Angeles and other cities, is a leading intelligent managed service provider in commercial real estate and retail industries, devoted to the realization of intelligence transform with world leading M2M technology for the retail sectors.

Unicross provides digital signage and in-store music with end-to-end technical services for the partners.  With one-stop professional service system as its unique core competency, Unicross has been highly recognized by lots of world-renowned branding retailers and top-tiered commercial real estate providers in China.