Our Next Gen AI Solutions

Experience the future of AI solutions, optimizing processes and driving innovation across industries with our advanced technology.


Leveraging artificial intelligence & advanced real-time analytics

Tango Traffic – Calculating footfall and traffic in your store location
Tango Zone – Tag different sections, dwell time & heatmap
Tango RevOp – Visibility into sales funnel, understand reasons for missed sales and Create accountability
Tango StoreOpsMonitor and track Store open & close time, Track network and camera downtime.

People Counting and Shopper Journeys

Prodco Analytics is Globally one of the most respected names in our industry and has been serving the Footfall counting industry for over 24+ years now. We believe that Prodco delivers the most complete Visitor Footfall performance platform solutions the industry has to offer.

Custom tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements.
Real-time location performance insights for all levels of the organization via our ProdcoLive App.
Advanced 3D AI camera with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology (98%+ guaranteed accuracy, Visitor behavior/HeatMapping and staff exclusion).
Gender recognition
Facemask utilization detection

Detect Thefts, Automatically, In Real-Time

Thanks to Veesion, thousands of retailers around the world are reducing shrinkage up to 60%. Veesion uses the power of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent theft in your store. Veesion, the software that continuously analyses your video feeds.

Reduce your theft-related losses by up to 60%
Algorithmic analysis of video footage
Automatically detects suspicious gestures
Get a video notification in real-time

Stunning Visual Impact

Digital signage is an eye-catching, dynamic auditory and visual interactive media, which displays accurate content and advertising information to the target audience through monitors, LCD/LED panels, touch screens and interactive kiosks.  It is one of the most effective communication models with the advantages of great visual impact, unified brand image management and interactive targeted information dissemination.

We also provides TV wall, digital signage, touch screen, interactive kiosk, small-scale broadcast and other hardware to its customers.  The high-level quality standards and professional service has been recognized by many industry leaders in luxury, apparel and cosmetics fields.


Build your own brand radio with music

As one of the essential means of experiential marketing, in-store music is a powerful tool to attract customers.  The right music heard by the customers from the moment they step into the store not only transmits brand image, but also improves shopping experience and in-store ambience, which will overall influence shopping decision, encourage sales teams and enhance service quality. Partnering with Italian leading digital media service company MCube and domestic top music service provider Radio, Unicross in-store music solution creates an unique shopping experience for customers, with an abundant collection of eastern and western music, professional music production team and customized services.

Customized music playlist to attract shoppers
Songs specially selected based on demographic data
Signal of sales promotion and shopping behaviours