Tango Eye

Introducing our next-gen AI solution

Transforms your existing CCTV cameras into a powerful customer analytics tool.

Our industry first AI and computer vision technology help brands identify missed sale opportunities and focus on improving conversion rates across stores.

Tango Traffic

Calculating footfall and other key metrics around the traffic in your store location 
Track the shoppers journey to understand footfall drop-off point with the objective to improve conversion rate.
Segment the customers based on Demographics to help establish the target audience
Brands can better understand the target market, uncover spending patterns, plan inventory within categories, and influence the buying process.

Tango Zone

Tag different sections, Get section-specific data, dwell time & heatmap
Understand which spots in the store your customers spend the maximum time
Understand if the section is attracting footfall due to section layout or the product placement
Get section/zone specific data-Traffic, Dwell time, Demographics & Heatmap
Identify hot and dead zones
Intelligent decision-making for optimal store layout

Tango RevOp

Identify Missed Opportunities
Track and understand the reason for every missed sale opportunity (pricing, product, etc)
Clear visibility into the sales funnel – Retarget Missed Opportunity
Improving sales mix based on the feedback to reduce missed opportunities
Boost staff accountability and promote ownership over conversions

Conversion Analytical and Key Metrics Chart

Zone Analysis, Gender, Dwell & Demographic

Store Heatmap – Hotspots and Dead Zones